Coronary heart disease is a major health problem of the present times, Death caused by Cardiovascular diseases was 17 Million Worldwide in 1999 is estimated to reach 25 Million in the year 2020

  • Surgeries performed at an out standing 98.5% success rate
  • We Provide complete range of Diagnostic thereopatic options for heart problems like Digital cathlal for interventional cardiac problems in the most modern Operation Theatres
  • Different Cardiac Treatments offered are
    1. Coronary Angiography
    2. Coronary Angioplasty
    3. GABG
    4. Pediatric Cardiac Surgery ASD/VSD

Eye Care

Our eyes are the most precious thing that God has given us our eyes are the window to the world, we see this beautiful world through our eyes and everyone deserves perfect vision.
We provide you with a variety of eye care solutions which include

  • Dryness
  • Cataract
  • Squint
  • Lasik
  • Glouma
  • Retinal


We offers a comprehensive urological service to diagnose and treat kidney stone problems, urological cancers, incontinence, male infertility, impotence, female urology, paediatric urology, prostatic surgery and other urinary difficulties.

Urinary stones

Stone disease (calculi) is a very common problem all over the world. Percutaneous renal surgery: Here a 1 cm hole is made in the kidney to remove stones, after breaking them into smaller pieces the pain and discomfort is minimum, and the patient can go home in 48 hours.

Ureteroscopy: Calculi from all parts of the Genitourinary system can be removed by this route without any hole, only natural passages are used. Patient can be discharged on the same day. Instruments are rigid, semi rigid and flexible. Laser energy is a good option for calculi fragmentation.

Intra-renal stone surgery by flexible scopes and laser lithotripsy: Here, flexible scopes are passed through the urethra (from where one passes urine) and stones are removed after breaking them into smaller pieces by laser. The patients can be discharged within 24 to 48 hours.

Dental Care

We need perfect set of teeth for perfect smile and good health. We provide complete Dental solutions

  • Dental Implants
  • Root Canal
  • Ceramic Caps
  • Denture
  • Cosmetic Dentistry for good smile
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Ceramic Laminated



The doctors have expertise in the management of the full spectrum of gastrointestinal, liver and pancreatico-biliary diseases. This includes, but is not restricted to, disorders like

  • inflammatory bowel disease
  • irritable bowel syndrome
  • malabsorption syndrome
  • gastrointestinal bleed
  • constipation
  • peptic ulcer
  • reflux disease
  • acute liver failure
  • chronic diarrhea
  • chronic liver disease (viral, alcoholic and others)
  • portal hypertension
  • bilio-pancreatic disorders
  • malignancies etc.


We provide comprehensive IVF services , all under one roof, so patients don’t need to shuttle from clinic to lab to the scan center. Our practice is restricted to treating infertile patients exclusively, and we were rated among India’s top 5 infertility clinics in a survey carried out by Outlook magazine in June 2002, which interviewed over 700 doctors all over India for their opinion. We were voted as the best IVF clinic as regards value for money. Since we specialist in providing IVF treatment , we offer our patients the very best medical care – at affordable prices.

Orthopaedic & Spine

We provide a number of Solutions for Spine Surgeries

  • Minimal access surgery like Micro Disectony and thorascopy
  • Spinal instrumentantion / fusion
  • complex anterior spinal reconstructive surgery for vertebral tumors
  • Occcipitocervical fixation
  • spinal deformity corrections


We offer following services.

  • Eyelid Surgery
  • Face & Neck Lift
  • Cheek & Chin Surgery
  • Nose Job
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Breast Uplift
  • Breast Reduction
  • Liposuction ( Arms, Abdomen, Hips, Buttocks, Tummy Tuck)
Cosmetic Nose Surgery (Before)
Cosmetic Nose Surgery (After)